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Posted on July 4, 2016 in Performance Archery Series

archeryThis site showcases the critically acclaimed Performance Archery TV series by Alistair Whittingham, one of the UK’s leading archery coaches.

The site is run by a small group of amateur archery enthusiasts. Since we have benefited from following Alistair’s advice ourselves, we felt that we would like to create this site to help others do the same.

Therefore we have simply created an easy, sequential way to work your way through this superb tutorial series. We will also look to add other videos and tutorials from other sources.

We hope you like the site and find it as useful as we did.

Episode 9 | Reference

Posted on July 4, 2016 in Performance Archery Series

Reference: External Sites

These are the sites we visit most often, it’s an eclectic mix between the serious and the fun. A listing here does constitute a personal recommendation from the webmaster, not from Alastair himself. So whatever mood you’re in, perhaps you’ll find them useful too.

Archery GB – UK governing body.
NFAA – USA governing body
Which Bookie find a good one for archery odds
Olympic – Equipment & history
TTFB – Betting on Olympic archery
Ladrbokes archery markets
World Archery – rules & events
Archery Games – to play online

Needless to say we aren’t responsible for the content of external sites.